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Hi, as you are landing here you are probably thinking to join the Warrior Plus affiliate marketplace. Maybe I’m wrong you are already a Warrior Plus affiliate marketer but want to know some details that no one has told you before.

In this case, I will say you are in a right place. Because, here you will find some exclusive review that no one tell you before.

I am writing this review to help those of you who want to know about the warrior plus marketplace. I know how it is to get into affiliate marketing. There are lots of decisions you have to make and lots to learn, so to help make the process easier for you, I’ve written this review and others on Affiliate networks.

If you haven’t check my other reviews, I think you should visit those to gain proper knowledge about affiliate networks.

I hope, you’ll be able to read this review and get all of the information you need to make any decision about whether or not doing business with Warrior Plus is suitable for you.

So, don’t wasting any time let’s get started _

What Is Warrior Plus?


Warrior Plus is a marketplace where you can find different kinds of products to promote as an affiliate and earn a passive income by selling those products.

Origin Of Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus is an online marketplace & it was launched in 2006. It was founded by Mike Lantz.

Actually, there was a backstory of warrior plus. Have you ever heard about Warrior Forum? Warrior Forum is a longstanding networking hub for internet marketers. You can ask questions, meet new peoples & also can help one another. The warrior forum decided to put some classified ads section where everyone could place their ads for $20-$40. The peoples of the forum will visit the ad and purchase from there.

But, warrior forum faced a lots of problem in terms of managing the payments, affiliate tracking etc. To solve this problem, Mike Lantz created Warrior Plus.

Isn’t it interesting?

How Warrior Plus Works?

It works to the benefit of publishers and advisers. Like other affiliate networks, vendor lists their products on the marketplace and affiliate choose products from the marketplace. After creating a sale affiliate gets the commission from the total revenue.

There are a huge number of Internet Marketing products and are listing continuously. Their commissions are mostly high (40%-90%).

If you want to know How does affiliate tracking system work, you can visit my Article. You will get a full detail idea about this.

How To Sign Up In Warrior Plus?

You must be thinking about how you’ll join warrior plus? Does it cost money? Is it difficult to join? Etc. but, let me clear you, warrior plus is totally free to join.

One major difference between Warrior Plus and other affiliate networks is you have only one registration to become both: an affiliate and an advertiser.

To sign up you don’t need to face any difficult situation. First, you need to provide your information & verify the robot captcha. Then, you will get an email to verify your account. Once you verify the account your complete account will be activated. So, simple it is!

How To Sign Up In Warrior Plus
How To Sign Up In Warrior Plus

Once your account is created, you will get access of everything to become an affiliate for products, or to become an advertiser of products. Other networks have a separate registration and follow-up process for affiliates and Vendors.

User Experience

After signing up to Warrior Plus affiliate network, the first things come in mind is what’s the user experience look like.

warrior plus dashboard
warrior plus dashboard

In this case, I’ll say Warrior Plus is pretty simple to look. You will find three menu options at the very beginning.

  • Marketplace
  • Vendor
  • Affiliate


In marketplace you will find all the products and services that are listed on Warrior Plus affiliate site. You will also see some category there like –

  • Home
  • Top Products (most selling products)
  • Categories (products)
  • Alerts
  • Deal of the Day (best offers)

These are some basic things to make your experience better & easier.


This menu is for product owners who want to sell their products. There are also a lot of options by which they can monitor their products.


In affiliate menu, you will see some other categories like –

  • Dashboard
  • Offers (product offers)
  • Stats (sales, impressions etc)
  • Transactions
  • Contests
  • Launch calendar

So, for me warrior plus user interface is quite simple and good for beginners.

What Kind Of Products You Will Find On Warrior Plus Marketplace?

Warrior Plus is known for its Digital Products. Basically, it is famous for Internet Marketing Products.

The most popular niches for warrior plus are –

  • Software
  • Internet Marketing
  • E-Commerce

I know you have heard about many scammy products. Yes, these are still exist. So, you have to be careful on choosing a product.

If you are thinking to get rid of scammy products solution, I have some tips for you. So, stay with me & you will find the answer.

Finding Affiliate Programs/ Choosing A Product

If you want to become a successful affiliate marketer, you have to choose the best product for your promotion. If you are able to find the right profitable product, it’ll be easy for you to promote it and earn commission.

So, you might be thinking –

How to find affiliate products?

Let me tell you –

At first you have to go to the affiliate menu and click the ‘offers’ option. Then you will find all the affiliate products whatever you want to promote.

Log in > Affiliate > Offers > Products

How to find affiliate products
How to find affiliate products

You can also find your desire product by search option. You can minimize your product list searching by

  • Keyword
  • Vendor name
  • Category
  • Recurring options etc.

How I will find the best profitable products in Warrior Plus?

To find the best profitable affiliate products, you have to research from all the list of products. You will see the release date, sales, conversion rate, average sales, refund.

TIPS – Always choose the updated products/ new products. Make sure your product has good sales & conversion rate before. Avoid using those products which are less than 7%-10% refund rate.

Top products of warrior plus
Top Products

If you find a product which is selling well, you should search that by keyword option and try to promote that.

There is another option to find the new products before they launched. Basically, I follow this option. For this, you have to visit a website name – muncheye.com

muncheye , How I will get the new profitable products for selling

You will find all the new updated pre-launched product list on there. Most of the time you will find JVZOO products on that site. But, you will find some warrior plus products also.

Beside this there is a ‘pre-launch’ option that you will find in ‘filter’ category. You can also choose from there.

My suggestion is whatever the product you choose make sure you are doing good research on that product.

Btw, If you haven’t read my JVZOO Affiliate Review, you can check that also.

Getting Affiliate Links / How To Get Affiliate Link On Warrior Plus?

In Warrior Plus there are two types of category in terms of getting the affiliate link.

  1. Automatic Approval for Link
  2. Manual Approval for Link

Automatic Approval for Link

You just need to click the ‘Request’ option that you will see beside the product name. If the product is automatically approve then you can get the link and start promoting.

Product Name > Request > Request Approval

Manual Approval for Link

Actually, I have seen most of the products in Warrior Plus are manual approval. Manual approval means the vendor/ product owner will accept your request and provide you the permission to promote the product.

Product Name > Request > Request Approval > Request Note > Request Offer

In my opinion this process is a disadvantages for the beginners. Beginner don’t have much experience to deal with this kind of things. So, they face a huge problem to get approval for affiliate link.

TIPS – First apply for the link. You will be sent to the ‘request note’ option. It will be difficult for beginners, but when you explain how you are going to promote the product (YouTube, FB, Twitter, Traffic driving method etc), they’ll approve you.

Payment Methods / How To Get Paid From Warrior Plus?

Warrior plus is one of the big network in the marketplace. They have many pay-out options for their affiliates. Like –

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Bank Transfer

In terms of payment options I feel they are really downgraded. Because, they put an option of stripe! Only twenty- five (25) countries accept strive pay-out. This one is so useless.

Whatever, in this case most of us have only two options. Either PayPal or Bank transfer.

It is good that they have PayPal option. If you choose PayPal, then you’ll be paid instantly. It’s great that with PayPal you’ll get instant payment.

If you choose bank transfer, then you have to wait for 7 to 30 days for its processing.

Warrior Plus Reviews

Basically, this section is not the reviews that I will give. This section is for the Affiliate Marketers.

This is just to show you some big Affiliate Marketer’s thoughts & ratings about Warrior Plus. What they think about Warrior Plus

Trustpilot review for warrior plus
Trustpilot Review

Pros and Cons Of Warrior Plus

There are lots of advantages and disadvantages of warrior plus. Besides those, what are the pros and cons I really think you should know are –

Pros of Warrior Plus

  • Instant Pay-out ( only for PayPal)
  • Good for Internet Marketers
  • Easy to join
  • Huge range of products availability
  • Worldwide services
  • Niche oriented

Cons of Warrior Plus

  • Hard to get affiliate link
  • Lots of scammy products
  • Lack of advertising support
  • Low verity of payment methods
  • High refund rate
  • Lack of customers satisfactions
  • Bad company reputation

Is Warrior Plus Legit?

Warrior Plus is providing services since 2006. Yes. Warrior plus is a legit marketplace. If it isn’t a legit or scam then this company would have been shut down a long time ago. But, it is not. So, no doubt warrior plus is a legitimate platform.

But, there is also a fact that warrior plus has so many scam / fake / low quality products. So, you should be careful about choosing any product. If you don’t research well about the product, you might be get into scam.

Warrior Plus has its own good and bad. Even though it is not a scam, you still have a lot of reasons to be careful before buying or promoting anything from Warrior Plus.

Final Thoughts

Affiliate Marketing is a great thing in this digital era. So, you should take a step ahead to start your Affiliate Marketing journey. There are lots of marketplace you will find to start Affiliate Marketing.

Despite having many cons and negative reviews on the internet, Warrior Plus is legit! In my opinion, it is a platform that doesn’t know how to reduce scams or stop scammers. There is a lot of good & bad side I point out towards you to get the overall idea about warrior plus.

I will not suggest you to use it or not use it, it’s up to you. But, all I can say that whatever you choose, just do a proper research & work with your 100%.

Whatever you feel right just go for it.

If you have any query, please let me know in the comment section.
Thank you.


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