JVZoo Affiliate Review 2021 | Is It Legit or Not? | Pros, Cons & Reviews that you should know

Hi, as you are landing here you are probably thinking to join the JVZoo affiliate marketplace. Maybe I’m wrong you are already a JVZoo affiliate marketer but want to know some details that no one has told you before or is it legit or not? pros, cons & reviews.

In this case, I will say you are in a right place. Because here you will find some exclusive JVZoo Affiliate review that no one tells you about before.

If you have ever try to make money through affiliate marketing, you must have knowledge about JVZOO. Maybe you have talked about it with someone or search on google or watched videos on YouTube about it. So, obviously, you have some basic knowledge about JVZOO Marketplace.

So, I’m not reviewing it as most of the reviewer does. Instead of that I will provide you some unknown facts/ knowledge that no one has given you.

So, don’t wasting any time let’s get started _

What Is JVZOO?

JVZOO Affiliate Review 2021  Legit or Not  Pros, Cons & Reviews
JVZOO Affiliate Marketplace

JVZOO is a marketplace where you can find different kinds of products to promote as an affiliate and earn a passive income by selling those products.

JVZOO has established in 2011. In the beginning, they claim it as a competitor of ClickBank and which is true. It is giving much tough competition with ClickBank.

It has been listed as one of the fastest growing companies in the Inc 5000 list. It is one of the top affiliate networks and sells over 18 million products.

Sounds cool naah.!

Sign-Up Difficulty Of JVZOO

You may be seen many affiliate marketplace and may have logged in many of them. But, in my opinion JVZOO is one of the easiest marketplace to sign-up. Yes, it is free to signing up as an affiliate marketer in JVZOO Network. There are also some more functionality that makes JVZOO easier in terms of signing up.

How To Sign Up In JVZOO Network

The signup process has 4 steps. In the beginning, you have to enter your email address and choose a password for your new JVZOO account.

You will get a verification email with an activation link embedded into it.

Once you click the link you will be logged in and then asked to choose a payment method.

You will get many options to get paid from JVZoo. What are the options? I’ll tell you soon.

But, once you choose the payment method, your signing up is completed. It’s so simple right? Yes, it is.

How JVZOO Network Works?

Now, you are in JVZoo. But, you need to know how JVZoo network works. Well it’s not about only JVZoo, it’s about how affiliate networks works.

JVZoo is another nice affiliate marketing platform for both sellers and affiliates. Sellers can easily list, promote, and sell their products here. On the other hand, affiliate marketers can easily find interesting digital products at great prices to promote.

There are a huge number of Internet Marketing and Make Money Online (MMO) products and are listing continuously. Their commissions are mostly high (50%-100%).

From that, sellers get their commission & JVZoo get some extra commission from the products selling.

What Kind Of Products You Will Find On JVZOO Marketplace?

JVZOO is a marketplace to sell digital products and services, and just like any other affiliate program, there is Affiliates and Sellers.

JVZOO product list
JVZOO product list

JVZoo is basically famous for its digital products. Although there are 200+ product niches in JVZoo but, the following niches are popular in JVZoo:

  • Software
  • Internet Marketing
  • E-Commerce
  • Finance

I am using JVZOO for a lot of time. I have seen many kind of products in JVZOO. I have found some of those products are really good and some of them are worst. But, yes, you may be heard about many scammy products. These are still exist. So, you have to be careful on choosing a product.

If you are thinking how you will know that I have the solution of this. Just stay with me. You will find the answer.

User Experience

So, after signing up to JVZOO Network, the first things come in mind is what’s the user experience look like.

JVZoo Affiliate Dashboard
JVZoo Affiliate Dashboard

In this case, I will say my experience is not so good. I found it much difficult as a beginner.

Like other affiliate marketplaces, JVZoo is not so easy to understand. Actually, it has many functionalities that a beginner needs time to understand. But, if you are a professional or more than a beginner then I think you can easily understand. It is necessary to understand by all.

But, for now I will give you some knowledge about the options of menu:

Affiliates – Dashboard, Stats, Approved Products, Find Products, Bonuses, Transactions & Knowledge

Sellers – It is for product creator

Products – Marketplace, Launch list, Top sellers, Featured Products

My Account – Different options from account details. Plugins & Widget creators

Tools – User search and recommended tools

These are some functions that you will see in the first. But, for me as a beginner it become very tough to understand how to use it, where I’ll find the products, what is this option for! Bla bla bla.

Hope you will get some knowledge about it.

Finding Affiliate Programs/ Choosing A Product

For making money through affiliate marketing, the most important thing is choosing the right product. If you are able to choose the right profitable product then you will be able to earn money successfully.

In this case, you probably thinking

How to find affiliate programs or products?

Let me clear your question –

At first you have to go to the affiliates and click the ‘Find Products’ menu option.

JVZoo Find Product
JVZoo Finding Product

You will see the huge range of products list on their.

JVZOO Affiliate Products
JVZOO Affiliate Products

They will show you the old selling products at the top. May be 4 or 5 years old. But, it will be wise not to choose those products. Now the question is –

How I will get the update product list?

To get the new updated products you will need to click the launch date option that you will see. After clicking they will show you the new products.

JVZOO Affiliate Products list
JVZOO Affiliate Products list

Beside this, you can also filter the products through search category. You can do that by:

  1. Keyword
  2. Category
  3. Sub-category

That will be easy for you to find your profitable products.

There are also an option to see the JVZOO Top Sellers.

JVZoo have 4 top seller lists:

  • Top sellers for the day
  • Top sellers for the day before
  • Top sellers for the week
  • Top sellers for the months

You can see the products that are top selling in this category.

But, I don’t think only by this you will find the actual profitable product.

In my opinion, not all the ‘Top Selling’ products are considered as an excellent.

How I will find the best profitable product for selling in JVZOO?

To find the best product for selling you have to research from ‘Top Selling’ products. Though they are top selling but if their refund rate is more than 4%-5% may be they not doing well in the market. So, in my opinion just leave those kind of products.

Always try to get the High selling products with a low refund rate. Btw, it is also risky to take very old products like 3,4,5 years ago.

How I will get the new profitable products for selling?

muncheye , How I will get the new profitable products for selling

You will find the new products from other sites. Yes, you read the right thing. What I do that to find the new products I go to the JVZoo joint venture websites. Those are:

On these two websites, you will find the pre-launched JVZoo products. Basically, to make some strategy we need some time. So, it is a wise act to choose the products before its launching. It makes it more effective to gain success.

So, basically, I choose products from Muncheye sites. It’s up to you whatever you like most. I’m just sharing my point of view.

How To Find The Affiliate Link On JVZOO?

In JVZoo you can’t get the affiliate link so easily. You may be thinking why it’s not so easy!? In Clickbank, Digistore24 it is very easy. Just click on promote and boom get the affiliate link.

But, in JVZoo you need to get approval from the vendor to promote their products. So, it becomes hard to get the link for beginners. Because obviously in the beginning everyone has a lack of knowledge to approach to get the link. So, I think this a big disadvantage for beginners to work with JVZoo.

To get the link you have to go through vendor approval to promote the link. For this, you have to click the ‘Request Approval’ option then you will see an interface to write about you & how you will promote the products. If the vendor likes your proposal you will approve to promote the product. Then you will see the ‘Get Link’ option.

JVZoo Affiliate link approval
JVZoo Affiliate link approval

How To Get Approval For Affiliate Link?

Here’s good news, Just follow my words & I will give you the possibility of getting approval from most of the vendors.

First, you have to apply for an affiliate link to the developers of the JVZoo product. If you are a newbie, it’s a little difficult to get approval from all vendors.

But when you explain how you are going to promote the product (YouTube, FB, Twitter, Traffic driving method, etc), they’ll approve you. A delayed (usually 30–60 days) commission pay-out is customary for newbies. If you choose a delayed commission pay-out, you will almost always get approved.

Payment Methods Of JVZOO

After reading so many things about JVZOO, one question will come in your mind.

How to get paid from JVZOO Marketplace?  

Well you’ll get the answer. I will divide the whole payment into 3 category –

  • Payment Methods
  • Payment Time
  • Payment Threshold

I know you might be confused about these terms. Let me tell you in details –

Payment Methods

One of the best things I like about JVZOO is, it offers plenty number of payment methods. Such as –

  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Direct Bank Deposit

You have to set the payment method at the beginning of your JVZoo journey. I mean when you will create the JVZoo account since I mentioned before. Right?

But, you can change your payment methods in any time. Make sure you are providing the right information to get paid from JVZOO.

Payment Time

In this case, I think they need to improve themselves. You will get paid like Amazon.

That means you will not getting instant payment.

But, a lot of JVZOO offers will make instant commission payment to your PayPal. Only once you have proven yourself a ‘Premium Affiliate’.

You will get your payment in between 90 days when you are a normal marketer.

Payment Threshold

The minimum pay-out threshold you will be needed is $50. Before it was $100. But. Now they update it into $50. Which it quite satisfactory.

So, you must have a total positive balance of $50 to withdraw your earning.

I said positive balance that means JVZOO have negative balance. Negative balance basically the refunds. If the refunds are huge then your balance can be negative. So, be careful about this.

JVZOO Reviews

Basically, this section is not the reviews that I will give. This section is for the Affiliate Marketers.

This is just to show you some big Affiliate Marketers thoughts & ratings about JVZOO. What they think about JVZOO.


jvzoo review by trustpilot

Black Hat World – Source Click Here

jvzoo negative review by Black Hat World
Black Hat World

Quora – Source Click Here

jvzoo positive review by quora

Pros and Cons Of JVZOO Marketplace

Since JVZOO is a huge marketplace with a lot of digital products. There are lots of advantages & disadvantages will arise compare to others. So, I think I should share the pros & cons of JVZOO Marketplace with you –


  • Easy to join
  • Wide range of digital products
  • High commission rate up-to 50%- 100%
  • Low pay-out threshold
  • A chance to get instant payment ( not all )
  • World-wide available


  • Approval process for getting affiliate link
  • Difficult to understand
  • Bad user interface
  • Long term pay-out process ( not all )

These are the things that I like and hate about JVZOO. Not everyone’s thought are same. Maybe you will find something more. But, these are the basics.

Is JVZOO A ClickBank Killer?

In my opinion, yes it is in some factors. Though JVZOO and ClickBank both are popular for promoting the digital products, But JVZOO is more focus on software related products. I don’t think that JVZOO has half of the products of ClickBank but you will find more legit products than ClickBank.

So, it is not a complete ClickBank killer but, slightly it has more potentiality in digital products with high rate of success. But, it is also true that JVZOO has less option than ClickBank. It is growing day by day.

Btw, If you haven’t checked my details review about ClickBank Affiliate feel free to visit. You can also check my Digistore24 Affiliate Review. I’ll appreciate it.

Final Thoughts

Is JVZOO A Legit Network?

Yes, JVZOO is a legit network. Otherwise, it can not survive in this competitive market. It would have been shut their company a long time ago.

JVZOO is an affiliate platform that you can use to make commissions off of someone else’s product. If you ask me, I’ll say it’s the best way to start your affiliate marketing career.

In JVZoo you can learn a lot if you are a beginner to affiliate marketing. Some find it hard to create products so this is how you can become an affiliate of other products in your niche for usually or upwards from 50–85% commissions.

Yes, there are many pros & cons out there, but you should research about it and take the best steps for your journey.

If you have any query please let me know in the comment section.
Thank You.

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