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Affiliate marketing is always a great choice for online earning. But, there are some facts that everyone should know before joining any affiliate network. That’s why I provide some exclusive reviews or information that you should know before joining.

Let me guess – you are thinking to join in CJ Affiliate Network as a publisher. Am I right?

I think I am. That’s why you have landed here to get some in-depth review about CJ Affiliate Network.

Before joining any marketplace, there are lots of questions or queries come in our mind.

What is it? How it works? Is it legit? How to get paid? Bla bla bla……

That’s why I always try to solve all the queries that arise in your mind.

So, just stay with me & I’ll answer all your queries one by one.

Let’s begin –

What Is CJ Affiliate Network? (Commission Junction)

Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate Marketplace
Commission Junction (CJ) Affiliate Marketplace

CJ (Commission Junction) is a marketplace where you can find different kinds of products to promote as an affiliate and earn a passive income by selling those products.

Origin Of CJ Marketplace

CJ (Commission Junction) was founded in 1998 Santa Barbara, California. It was acquired by ValueClick in 2003. But, in 2014 it was rebranded to “CJ Affiliate by Conversant”.

Though it was rebranded, but most of the affiliate marketers call it as CJ. Many of them didn’t even know about that name. Everyone call it CJ or Commission Junction.

It is part of a Fortune 500 company called Alliance Data Systems & it specializes in pay for performance programs.

CJ Affiliate is one of the biggest affiliate marketplace. It is a large company with over 3000 merchants. It has more than 15 offices worldwide. So, it offers worldwide services to the affiliates.

That’s how big CJ Affiliate is.

How To Sign Up?

Commission Junction (CJ) is very simple & easy to sign up. You can easily choose between ‘Adviser’ & ‘Publisher’. So, there are no confusion about this.

CJ Affiliate- sign up
CJ Affiliate- sign up

First, you have to provide some basic information. After that they will send you an email for verification. Once you verified you’ll need to provide some payment details and password for account safety.

CJ Affiliate- sign up
CJ Affiliate- sign up
CJ Affiliate network
Source – AuthorityHacker
CJ Affiliate Review
Source – AuthorityHacker

Then you need to add some information about your company. It is not necessary to have any branded company. You can use your normal user name as your company name. Then, add some details about your website or blog.

cj affiliate review

They will ask about your website visitors but it is not mandatory to provide. So you can choose “Not Launched Yet” option.

What Are The Requirements For CJ Affiliate Signing Up?

CJ Affiliate is completely free to join. However, you have to be at least 18 years old. Some people say you’ll need to own a website but, I have joined without any website.

TIP: Here’s the trick for those who doesn’t have any website –

Just provide your Pinterest account name & you will eligible to join. Easy huh!

How CJ Affiliate Network Works?

After joining the CJ Affiliate, you need to know how CJ Affiliate network works. Well it’s not about only Commission Junction (CJ), it’s about how affiliate networks works.

CJ is another nice affiliate marketing platform for both sellers and affiliates. Sellers can easily list, promote, and sell their products here. On the other hand, affiliate marketers can easily find interesting digital products at great prices to promote.

There are a huge number of Internet Marketing and Make Money Online (MMO) products and are listing continuously. Their commissions are mostly average.

From that, sellers get their commission & CJ get some extra commission from the products selling.

What Kind Of Products You Will Find On CJ Marketplace?

Commission Junction is one of the best Affiliate Marketplace in terms of choosing any product to promote. Why I’m saying this? Because it has a huge variety of product selection options that you will rarely find in other Affiliate Marketplace.

CJ Affiliate is comparable with Amazon Affiliates. Many affiliate marketplace like – ClickBank, Digistore24, JVZOO, etc. is only known for their digital products. But, CJ is not only for digital products but also known for its physical products.

Yes, here you will find both digital and physical products to promote. You can choose any kind of product that you like to promote.

CJ Affiliate is always best for bloggers and entrepreneurs. Because it gives you a verity of option to choose your promotion methods. If you want to promote products through your website, you can choose the Banner ads that you’ll find inside the product description.

Example: you run a health blog & want to promote health equipment in your blog post, 5 best equipment for Health (Up to __% Discount)

In this case, you will select –

  • Category: Health > Equipment
  • Promotion Types: Sale/Discount
  • Link Types: Banner, Text Link

So simple it is. Right?

User Experience

If I say about the user experience, then CJ Affiliate is not so difficult to use. It is almost easy for beginners. If you are a beginner, you can easily understand about all the options of Commission Junction (CJ).

When you are inside the CJ dashboard you will find these functions _

  • Account
  • Advertisers
  • Links
  • Widgets
  • Reports
  • Mail (your internal CJ mail)
  • Placements
  • Insights (advance reporting)
CJ Dashboard
CJ Dashboard

What I really like about the CJ affiliate interface is that it doesn’t look crowded, which is helped along nicely by the muted colour schemes.

In my point of view, it is very simple and easy to use. So, CJ Affiliate interface is user friendly.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

How To Find Affiliate Program From CJ?

For making money through affiliate marketing, the most important thing is choosing the right product. If you are able to choose the right profitable product then you will be able to earn money successfully.

To find the product you have to click the ‘Advertisers’ option from the top menu. Then you will find all the products.

how to find affiliate program
how to find affiliate program

You can also choose by searching keyword or advertiser’s name.

You can also search by categories but also by:

  • Advertiser type
  • Advertiser status
  • Serviceable area
  • Language
  • Advertiser’s Country
  • Geographic Source
  • Currency

You can also minimize or maximize your search by

  • Network Earning
  • 7 Days EPC
  • 3 Months EPC

How To Find The Best Affiliate Programs on CJ?

I will provide you the trick that I follow for choosing the product –

Always choose the ‘Network Earning’ > ‘high to low’ option. Because, high score means high EPC and they will pay quite well.

Finding best affiliate products on CJ
Finding best affiliate products on CJ

My suggestions will be always do your proper research before choosing a product. Good research will bring your success.

How to Get Affiliate Link From CJ?

Now, the question arise that how you will get your affiliate link from CJ. Commission Junction (CJ) has two kinds of option in terms of getting affiliate link.

  1. Vendor Manual Approval
  2. Automatic Approval Link

Vendor Manual Approval

In CJ Affiliate you need to get approval from some vendor to promote their products. So, it becomes hard to get the link for beginners. Because obviously in the beginning everyone has a lack of knowledge to approach to get the link. So, I think this a big disadvantage for beginners to work with CJ Marketplace.

For vendor manual approval, you need to create your profile description strongly. Because there is no option for writing any offer letter to the vendor. When you request your link, the vendor will only see your profile. If your profile is strong enough, the vendor will accept your proposal & approve you for the link.

How I Will know That Your Request Is Approved Or Not?

Do you remember that I have told you before about CJ Mail? Yes, that mail is the only option to understand about your approval. You will get mail from the vendor that you are approved or not. As well as you will get the link.  

Automatic Approval Link

But, the good news is, it’s not for all the products like JVZOO or Warrior Plus. For some products, it is easy to get the link. There is a mix of manual approval & automatic approval products inside CJ Affiliates.

For automatic approval products, you need to click the ‘Join to program’ button and you will see the options for the link. Just copy the link & start promoting. If you want Banner ads, you will that also in the product description page.

Finding affiliate link on CJ

Payment Methods Of CJ Affiliate Network

After knowing so many things about CJ Affiliate, there is a question that will come in your mind –

How To Get Paid From CJ Affiliate?

Okay, the answer is here. But, I will divide the payment methods in three steps –

  • Payment Methods
  • Payment Time
  • Payment Threshold

Payment Methods

CJ Affiliate doesn’t have so many option in terms of payment methods like others. But still it has some good options on its payment –

  • Direct Deposit
  • Check
payment methods of CJ
payment methods of CJ

But, you can also be paid into a Payoneer account through ‘CJ International Payments’.

The only thing that’s missing on payment method is PayPal.

Payment Time

You will get your commission after 30 days. That means if someone buy through your link you will receive your commission after 30 days.

On the other hand, CJ will release your payment on every months if there are sufficient amount of earning for payment.

Payments are scheduled for the 20th of each month. You will receive your payment on 20th of each month.

Payment Threshold

To get paid from CJ, you must generate at least $50 in commission. If you can generate $50 or above each month you’ll receive your payment.

CJ Reviews

Basically, this section is not the reviews that I will give. This section is for the Affiliate Marketers.

This is just to show you some big Affiliate Marketers thoughts & ratings about Commission Junction (CJ). What they think about CJ.


Trustpilot Rating
Trustpilot Review


Sitejabber.com Review on CJ
Sitejabber.com Review

What Are The Pros & Cons Of CJ Affiliate Network?

Since CJ Affiliate is a huge marketplace with a lot of digital & physical products. There are lots of advantages & disadvantages will arise compare to others. So, I think I should share the pros & cons of CJ Affiliate Marketplace with you –

Pros of CJ Affiliate

  • Available in worldwide
  • Simple User Interface
  • Wide range of products availability
  • A lot of options in terms of Affiliate Promotion
  • Lots of customization option
  • Timely Payments
  • Scam free

Cons of CJ Affiliate

  • Difficult to find products in same niches
  • Affiliate program filter system is ackwards
  • Less amount of payment methods
  • Advertisers control on commission (it’s not automatic)
  • Low commission rate
  • Poor Customer Service

Is CJ Affiliate Network Legit?

After end of all the things, the most important question come in mind and that create final decision. Is CJ Affiliate legit?

Well, it is legit. I mean CJ itself is a legit network. But, there are some vendors/ advertisers who are not so honest. Btw, I hadn’t proved it yet. But, I have heard lots of complaints about this. I also research about it & gather many information about it.

If I rate this that will be like – among 5 reviews of CJ I have found 3 that are saying CJ Affiliate is legit & 2 are saying that CJ is a scam.

So, it is hard to say from my side that it is legit or not. Because, I haven’t face that problem.

In this case, I can only say that always try to promote brands products. There is a less chance to get fraud.

Final Thoughts

CJ Affiliate is an affiliate platform that you can use to make commissions off of someone else’s product. If you ask me, I’ll say it’s the best way to start your affiliate marketing career.

If you’re just starting out in the blogging journey with only a few hits a day, it probably isn’t the right time to join this network.

But if you’re a blogger with an established audience?

Or an entrepreneur with high-quality traffic on your website?

Then I’ll say yes.

There are many pros & cons out there, but you should research about it and take the best steps for your journey.

If you have any query please let me know in the comment section.
Thank You


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